Netflix buffering rates are higher in South America then in the US

It’s already well identified that many Verizon ISP clients have encountered problems with buffering Netflix. What you might not understand, nevertheless, is the U.S. is one of the slower countries in the globe in terms of average Netflix buffering rates. That’s based on data published by by the company itself. This information is dependant on info place accumulated on Netflix action crossing from June to July of the year.

In a established Netflix post entitled “Global Averages Chart,” Netflix’s data suggests the country’s typical loading speed is 2.23MBps. That’s towards the bottom end of the ladder, and is directly behind behind Colombia and Chile. Those countries have average Netflix buffering rates of 2.21MBps, 2.30MBps, and 2.31MBps, respectively. If SmartDNS is decreasing the buffering time is answered in this Smart DNS Comparison.

The five countries getting the top Netflix buffering rates are all situated in Europe. The quickest is the Netherlands, followed by Denmark, Norway, and the UK. Those countries have average Netflix buffering rates of 3.61MBps, 3.32MBps, 3.23MBps, 3.19MBps, and 3.02MBps, respectively.

Of the base five countries on the list, three of them are in South America. They’re Argentina, Jamaica, Peru, Ecuador. Those countries have average Netflix buffering rates of 2.04MBps, 1.74MBps, 1.71MBps, 1.64MBps, and 1.46MBps.

When looking at each Western nation’s individual ISPs and their own average rates, the variation between the top- and base-ranking supplier companies in every single state is frequently .5 Mbps or less. This forms a stark contrast using the 2 Mbps-plus difference from first to last in the U.S. rankings. Also read this post .

Many variables are likely at play in establishing the last amounts that show up in these monthly indices from Netflix, but one may assert that, at least in the U.S., the continuing conflict over fast lanes, as well as the bribes that open them up, might be an enormously influential variable.

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